You want to spoil me? You totally should! Sending me a gift comes with perks too!

If you send me a gift over €30 / $35 / £27 you will get 2 photos of me wearing it, and if it was above €50 / $60 / £45 you will get a short video on top of that! Also, if you’re already a Tiger, gifts count as a membership renewal.


Do you want to send me anything? Please let me know so I can tell you where to send it to.
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You can find my sizes here.

UNDER €35,00 / UNDER $40,00 / UNDER £30,00

Disturbia Vinyl Bralet
HelloFruits PVC Top
Disturbia Choker
ChaoticCandyClothing PVC Skirt
Dollskill Lace Bodysuit
Phaze Studded Crop Top
Club Exx PVC Bralet
Club Exx PVC Skirt
Phaze PVC Hotpants
FashionNova One-Sleeve Wetlook Dress
HelloFruits PVC Top

€35,00 TO €50,00 / $40,00 TO $60,00 / £30,00 TO £45,00

Killstar Harness
FashionNova Plaid Set
Dollskill Wetlook Bodysuit
BasqueandGlory PCV Statanic Harness
LiquoriceAndLace PVC Head Harness
Libidex Latex Skirt
Phaze PVC Dress

€50,00 TO €100,00 / $60,00 TO $115,00 / £45,00 TO £90,00

Killstar Bodycon Dress
Demonia Spike Boots
LottieLatex Mini Dress
Dolls Kill Vinyl Bodysuit
Killstar Pinafore Dress
Demonia Block Boots
Westwardbound Latex Leggings
Current Mood Boots
S39Store Leather Bra
Raspberry Mazohyst Choker
Pleaser Platform Boots

€100 TO €200,00 / $115,00 TO $230,00 / £90,00 TO £175,00

Libidex Latex Leotard
Y.R.U. Platform Sandals
Lady Lucie Latex Bustier
Raspberry Mazohyst Choker
Y.R.U. Neon Platform Sneakers

OVER €200,00 / OVER $230,00 / OVER £175,00

Libidex Latex Dress
Polymorphe Latex Dress
AVEharness Leather Harness Set
Lady Lucie Latex Biker Jacket
Lady Lucie Latex Corset
AVEharness Leather Strap-On Harness Set
JudasChristClothing Leather Studded Jacket