The Rules

To keep this club a fun experience for the Tigers and me, I have made some rules. When you sign up to the Tiger Team you will have to agree to these rules. These rules also include your rights as a member, so read it well!


  1. The Exclusivity Rule – Never share or distribute any of the secret Tiger-team content. This includes uncensored photo’s, selfies, video’s and kinky/sexually explicit conversations.
  2. The Gift Rule – You will receive selfies, kinky photo’s and behind the scenes content. When you send me a gift above €30 / $35 / £27 you will receive 2 photo’s of me wearing/using/holding the gift. When you send me a gift above €50 / $60 / £45 you will receive two photo’s, but also a short (2-3 min) video of me with the gift. I will not send photo’s or video’s of my private parts.
  3. The Chat Rule – As a Tiger you will get to ask more kinky questions and get a lot more attention from me than regular fans. If I don’t want to answer a certain question that is okay and you shouldn’t pressure me. You are allowed to chat with me on a daily basis, but if I don’t reply right away due to my busy schedule you should be patient.
  4. The Harassment Rule – There’s a difference between flirting/sexting/BDSM-roleplay and abusive behavior and harassment. If I tell you you crossed a line and I’m uncomfortable, you should apologize and not do it again. If you’re warned multiple times about your behavior, and you still behave inappropriately, your Tiger Team membership will be ended immediately even if you term isn’t over yet or you are still to receive certain services.
  5. The Bottom Rule – Even though you will get uncensored content, this doesn’t mean you can expect a lot of photos or videos of my private parts. I’d like to keep that for myself and my sex partner(s). Yes maybe you’ll catch a little glimpse sometimes but don’t expect graphically erotic content or pornography, this is not what I’m about. I like making suggestions, semi-erotica so to speak. Same goes for you, do not send me photo’s of your private parts either, because I’m just not interested at all in seeing it. If you do so, you will get one warning but if you ever offend me like that again that means you’re out.
  6. The Slander Rule – Do not tell lies or slander me online or in real life. You are allowed to tell people you’re part of the Tiger Team, but you shouldn’t make up things that aren’t true/didn’t happen to seem cool or to shame me. Please don’t post about me in a negative way (for example by slut-shaming me, fat-shaming me, making fun of my scars etc.) It’s better to resolve an issue with me directly.
  7. The Services Rule – This membership doesn’t cover all services I provide. If you want a custom video (that’s not a short video that comes with a gift) you should make your order in the Pepsi Cocaine Store or talk to me directly and then you can pay for it on another platform as well. The same goes for custom photosets (that’s not the two photo’s that come with a gift) and video calls. If you are a big spender, and you’ve spent a lot of money on me in the last month, you can send me a message to ask for a discount on above mentioned services.
  8. The Misgendering Rule – I’m non-binary. This means I do not identify with a male or female gender, but I feel more like a gender-neutral person. Don’t joke about this or call me slurs. Research what non-binary means, or politely ask me if I can educate you a little bit. Do not call me a woman, girl, lady or any other gendered words.
  9. The Term Rule – You’ll have to renew you membership within 2 months. You can do so by sending me a gift, which has to be worth at least €50 / $60 / £45. You can also just donate money to my PayPal, with the same minimum worth as the gift option. If you do not renew you membership using one of the options mentioned here, you will not be able to use the privileges of the membership anymore. You will still of course have the video’s and/or photo’s you have received/purchased during your membership. It’s not like we’re just going to stop talking all at once. But do understand that if you’re not a paying Tiger anymore, you won’t get as much attention / privileges, and you will not get any more exclusive content.
  10. The Secrecy Rule – I will never share your identity anywhere, unless you give me explicit content to do so. I understand that for a lot of people kink is not their lifestyle and they would like to practice it under the radar.