Sign Up

Yay! You wanna sign up to the Tiger Team! That means you will soon be an Official Pepsi Cocaine Tiger! Here’s what you have to do to become a Tiger:

Step 1.

Know what your Privileges are! Don’t just commit to something without knowing what you get out of it! You have to know your rights man.

Step 2.

Read the Rules. It’s very very inportant that you know what the rules are, and that you agree with them. If you do not comply to them during your membership, I will be forced to end it immediately, even when your term hasn’t ended yet, and that would be a shame.

Step 3.

The form! Fill in this form. Yes I know it’s quite long but it’s crucial so we can make this work for the both of us.

Note: The nickname you choose is important, so make sure you remember it well!

Step 4.

Make your tribute. The minimum tribute is €50 / $60 / £45. This club is a luxury, and so it’s not a cheap thing to be part of. With your tribute you can show me that you are really invested in me and my work, and you don’t just want some quick nudes. You have 2 options:

  • PayPal

Send your tribute to my PayPal account. My e-mail address is pepsicocaine@outlook. You can also just use this link to donate.

  • Bank Transfer

My IBAN number is INGB 0001 2143 59 on the name LC van der Zwaan.


Whichever option you choose, you have to write your nickname as a message, so I know who it is from. This way I can match the filled in forms with my received money transfers. So no, there’s no use applying if you didn’t pay a tribute.

Step 5.

Now just wait!

I will get an e-mail notification whenever someone filled in the form above. Then I check if I have had any transfers to my bank account or PayPal. I will add you on the chosen chat app as soon as the money has come through, and the adventure will begin!