Being a Tiger comes with a lot of perks! My tigers get more attention, lighthearted chats on for example facebook or instagram, and will get to know the real me! You will be able to ask me kinky questions I otherwise wouldn’t answer, and Tigers will also receive sexy selfies and behind-the-scenes content.


  • Uncensored Instagram photos

I often post very sexy stuff on my Instagram, @pepsi.cocaine. And Instagram makes me censor my best assets… While my professional photo’s can also be found on my portfolio page without censoring, my selfies and other kinky stuff is completely exclusive for you guys. Yes, other people will see these photo’s too, but you will be the only ones without the scribbles over my nipples and butt.. And that’s what makes the whole thing exciting am I right?

  • Behind the scenes selfies

Sometimes when I shoot I get the opportunity to show you a peek behind closed doors. I often get questions what it’s like behind the scenes, and well, this is your way to find out! Of course not all of my shoots are super kinky, some are fashion or lifestyle shoots for example. But let’s be honest here, I’m always hot, no matter what I wear.

  • Sexy photo sets

I’m a horny lil’ bitch and sometimes I’m just looking soooo daaamnnn sexy I have to share it with someone. And my Tigers are my victims. I don’t think they mind… Of course these photo’s aren’t censored, because why would I even ruin the fun like that?

  • Party photos

Yes, I also share these on Instagram sometimes, in my Instagram story. But Tigers get them, you guessed it, uncensored. I love partying, and I go to fetish parties all the time. I’d love to share the fun with you!

You can also request things that aren’t mentioned above. Maybe you have a really good idea! I won’t shame you, if I’m not interested I will just politely decline.