I’m Pepsi Cocaine, an alternative fetish model from The Netherlands.

Every day I meet new people from the fetish community, online and offline. I’ve created the Tiger Team to cater to the desires of the wicked and perverted like myself, and as a way for my fans to support me!

The Tiger Team is how I refer to my closest, most hardcore fans. If you admire me and you want to support me, you surely can! I’m a bratty goth bitch and I love to be spoiled. My Tigers get more attention, lighthearted chats on for example Facebook or Instagram, and will get to know the real me! And let’s be honest, I’m way better at spending your money anyways. You will be able to ask me kinky questions I otherwise wouldn’t answer, and Tigers will also receive sexy selfies and behind-the-scenes content. Go here to read about all of the Tiger Privileges.


  • For you

I know a lot of people who have certain kinks and they have a really hard time finding someone who can fulfil their fantasies. I have a really open mind about a lot of those things, and I’m not judgemental person. When someone opens up about their fetish or sexual desires my first response is usually curiosity instead of repulsion. As a Tiger you will be able to get content catered to your needs.

  • For me

I get a lot of messages asking me if I have a Patreon or a paid Snapchat. I don’t like those platforms, because I want to be fully in charge. As a model you don’t make that much money, so for me having a supporting fanbase is really amazing. This way I can make some extra money and get some awesome gifts, while sharing my sexy little life with an interested club of pervs!



I call this a membership, but unlike most memberships I don’t have set prices. To enter you have to send a tribute with a minimum of €50 / $60 / £45. As mentioned, it’s a minimum tribute. This club is a luxury, and so it’s not a cheap thing to be part of. With your tribute you can show me that you are really invested in me and my work, and you don’t just want some quick nudes.

After you made your tribute you will be a member for 2 months. You are encouraged to keep supporting me in the main time though. You can send me a donation when your pay check comes in for example, or get me a gift from my wishlist. I’m an amazing fucking unicorn who wants to be spoiled. Every time you send me a gift or donation worth over €50 / $60 / £45 your membership will automatically be renewed for 2 more months.



If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask them on the Questions page!